SMF and Tubular Battery

SMF and Tubular Battery Repair, service, dealers Coimbatore

We supply and install SMF batteries Like Exide power safe, Quanta Amararaja, Rocket and Panasonic SMF batteries for online UPS & Inverter applications. SMf batteries ranges start from 7 AH, 12 AH, 17 AH, 26 Ah, 42 AH, 65 AH, 100 AH, 130 AH, 150 AH and 200 AH batteries.

We (KS CONTROL SYSTEMS) are the battery dealers for Exide EP series, Quanta, Rocket and Panasonic brand in Coimbatore. We do supply the above mentioned batteries and installation will be done free of cost. Buy back of your old batteries will be taken care with best price.

Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries or Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries are maintenance free and are compact in size which makes it easy to carry. They are designed in such a way that they are leak proof and deliver maximum power. These batteries no need maintenance of distal water.

Tubular Battery:

Our firm supplies a wide range of Tubular Battery that is high performing and prevents itself from overcharge and neither keeps itself undercharged. These batteries are easy to charge and maintain and in return provide with maximum backup. The best brand in Coimbatore for batteries like Exide, SF sonic, JC and Base batteries we supply with the best price. Automotive batteries for 3 wheeler and 4 wheeler vehicle also available with us.

We are supling and installing gen-set batteries (Generator batteries) like Exide express, SF sonic, JC automotive etc

* Attractive buy back option available for the old SMF and Tubular batteries.

The following batteries can supply with best price for inverter applications. we are the best battery seller in Coimbatore.

Exide IT 500, IT 350, SF Tubular ST 500, ST 750, APC Tubular battery, Amaron, JC tubular battery, Exide express, and etc.