Solar UPS

A great way to save lots of money on your electric bill each year is to install solar panels for homes. Solar panels use energy from the sun to power your home. This renewable energy resource will eliminate your home’s electric expenses and also help the environment.

Solar panels require a moderate one-time investment; however, they usually pay for themselves in five years or less. Due to their increase in popularity, installation expenses have decreased by 45% in the past few years and the Government provides handsome subsidies for approved projects.

Considering the massive subsidies given to those who purchase solar panels, as well as the amount of money you’ll save in electricity bills, this eco-friendly home improvement is a smart investment. If you live in an older home that needs roof repairs in the near future, it makes financial sense to consider purchasing solar panels for your roof instead of patching and repairing the existing roof.


  • 100% utilization of solar power.
  • High quality power delivery
  • Extended Battery life.


Models 1 – 10 KW 10 – 40 KW
Technology Hybrid ups / Online technology using IGBT.
Capacity 600 W ~ 10KW 10KW ~ 40KW
DV Bus 12V – 192V 192V – 360V
Solar input technology Converter with MPPT charge controller
Operating MPPT Voltage 36V – 220V 180V – 370V
Maximum Panel current 10A to 50A 50 to 150A
Battery Type SMF/Tubular
Charging current 0 – 15A 0 – 40A
Inverter type IGBT based MPWM with instantaneous sine wave
Nominal voltage 230 V / 50Hz 230 V / 50Hz
Protections Under / Over voltage, Over temperature, Battery Low, Over load, Short circuit

Solar water pump:

Solar water pump system is designed with solar panel array,solar pump invertor and AC water pump, DC current produced from solar panel will be produced supply to solar pump invertor,and it will convert it into AC supply to water pump drive. It will automatically regulate output according to sun radiance intensity,maximally realize MPPT tracking function.Product Features adopting the proposed dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method, with fast response, and reliable operation, achieves efficiency of 99%.Designed with variable frequency driver, greatly improves efficiency extremely high efficiency digital mode control, with automatic operation and manual operation mode options complete protection functions adopts intelligent IPM module, with high reliability LCD display and operation panel, in real time presents operating data for monitoring water level measurement and control circuit applicable for general pumps, like centrifugal pump, piston pump etc.Independent intellectual property; Highly effective, the redundant reliability, exempts the maintenance and the long life.The pumps are soft started, fully protected.No batteries are used. So better Sunlight, more water.