Oil cooled Servo Stabilizer

We are manufacturer and supplier of servo stabilizers oil cooled type. Our range includes oil cooled servo stabilizers. Our products are micro controller based latest technology introduced to reduce the components in single board and operates the servo motor in variable speed high torque to control the input fluctuation.

Why need Servo Stabilizer?

Electrical power has become a very basic need for our present living conditions. Electrical & electronics equipment from ordinary bulb to sophisticated computer stations, from home grinder to huge machinery motors in industries, consume electrical energy. Due to such addition or subtraction of loads, the supply terminal voltage fluctuates. The voltage fluctuation will be controlled manually or automatically by various methods. The safest, best and the most accurate of them all is Servo Controlled Method, which is widely accepted.

We have supplied our servo stabilizer to most famous brand’s CNC machine, Textile machines, and etc.

Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizers Specifications:

Parameter Three Phase
Capacity 3 kva to 1000 kva
Operating Frequency 47 – 53Hz
System Unbalance 4 wire (R Y B N)
Input Voltage Range Range I : 340 465v
Range II : 295 465v
Range III : 240 465v
Output Voltage 400 v 1% (adjustable)
Output Volts Regulation 1%
Type of Cooling Oil cooled
Working Temperature 0 to 50° C
Insulation Class “B”
Output Wave Form True Reproduction of Input
Wave Form Distortion Nil
Efficiency 98% at Nominal Load
Correction Rate 15/20/35 V per second
Relative Humidity 60.00%
Effect of Load Power Factor Nil
Environment Indoor Only

Our stabilizer suitable for the following Applications:

  • Textiles Spinning and Auto looms
  • Autoconer, carding & drawing machines
  • CNC Machines (VMC & HMC machine)
  • Medical Equipments in hospital
  • Agriculture industries.
  • Industries & Lighting Loads
  • Sophisticated Laboratory Equipment
  • Defence Equipment
  • Domestic Loads – Centralized
  • Hotels
  • Extruder machines
  • Rubber Industries etc..